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Who We Are

The Armina Energy General Trading team, has more than 8 years of combined bitumen trading, operations, risk management and financial services experience, that helps us understand our clients, the product and the market very well.

Armina Energy General Trading always relies on the latest and most innovative supply chain methods and its products and services are compliant with major standards.

A. ISO 9001:2008
B. European Standard EN 12591:1999; American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (A.A.S.H.T.O.) as well as its subcommittee on Materials
C. BSI British Standard BS EN 1427:2007, BS 1000-58:2007 - Bitumen & Bituminous binders D. BS EN 12591:1999 - Bitumen Specifications to the JTJ 052-2000 Standard Test Methods of Bitumen
E. Bituminous Mixtures for Highway Engineering of the Chinese Ministry of Transport.

Armina Energy General Trading engages in traditional and extraordinary projects and we create custom solutions for every project and its challenges.

Deploying our expertise, we guarantee that all your team from Commercial, Finance, Technical, Quality Control & Assurance, Project Management and others involved in your supply chain will be satisfied at all times. We will support your project in all aspects and not just act as a bitumen supplier.

Armina Energy General Trading 's experts will provide all the necessary support in:
1- Selecting the right material;
2- Testing all the material used in every project on bespoke basis, relying on industry known laboratories & research facilities;
3- Testing bitumen throughout the supply chain, ensuring its quality has been maintained using our best practices solutions in quality control & quality assurance;
4- Ensuring that optimized regulatory standards for environment and emissions are met;
5- Ensuring that our clients are rightly consulted

Armina Energy General Trading professionals offer a dedicated point of contact on a 365 day basis.

Not only do we supply products at competitive prices, but we also use the most efficient, effective, reliable and economical transportation methods available.